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Adjustable Telescopic Rotating Fishing Rod Holder Bracket Mount for Anglers

– Fishing enthusiasts seeking hands-free fishing
– Features extendable length for different rod sizes and adjustable tilt for optimal positioning
– Durable aluminum alloy construction withstands harsh conditions
– Options include quick-release clip or rod holder with lock system
– Additional feature: 360-degree rotation for increased casting range and versatility


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Rotating Fishing Rod Bracket Holder Telescopic Angler Gadget

Product Type: Fishing Rod Holder
Material: Durable Plastic
Color Options: Red

Product Features:

* Telescopic Design: Adjusts to fit a wide range of fishing rod sizes
* Rotating Bracket: Allows anglers to position the rod at any angle
* Easy Installation: Mounts securely to boat decks, railings, or other surfaces
* Durable Construction: Weather-resistant and built to withstand the elements

Key Usage Points:

* Holds fishing rods securely during casting, trolling, and other fishing techniques
* Provides hands-free operation for more control and efficiency
* Reduces fatigue by eliminating the need to hold the rod for extended periods


* Improves fishing line management and prevents tangles
* Enhances situational awareness by allowing anglers to keep their eyes on the water
* Ensures a more comfortable fishing experience

Additional Features:

* Lightweight and compact for easy portability
* UV-protected to prevent fading
* Comes with mounting hardware for hassle-free installation


* Length: Telescopic (adjustable)
* Diameter: 1.5 inches
* Weight: 0.5 pounds

Manufacturer’s Website:

  • FishingGadget
  • User Concern:

    * Question: Is the holder compatible with all fishing rods?
    * Answer: Yes, the telescopic design allows it to accommodate rods of various sizes.


    * Other fishing rod holders on the market may not offer the same level of adjustability and durability as this product.
    * This holder’s rotating bracket feature is a unique advantage that provides anglers with greater flexibility and control.

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    Adjustable Telescopic Rotating Fishing Rod Holder Bracket Mount for Anglers