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Carp Fishing Rig Stopper Beads: Compact and Practical 100Pcs 2.8mm

– Fishing beads are ideal for all anglers, whether you’re a beginner or a pro
– They are made of durable plastic, so you can be sure they will last
– Available in a variety of colors and sizes to match your needs
– With their bright colors, these beads are easy to see in the water, making them perfect for attracting fish


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100 Pcs Fishing Beads Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle Rig Stopper Beads 2.8mm

Product Features:

– Quantity: 100 Pcs
– Size: 2.8mm
– Material: High-quality plastic
– Color: Multicolor
– Durable and sturdy construction
– Easily slide on fishing line
– Bright and vibrant colors for high visibility
– Ideal for carp fishing, rig making, and other fishing applications


– Effectively stop rigs from sliding down the line
– Enhance the presentation of your bait
– Attract fish with their bright colors
– Simplify rig making and customization
– Available in a convenient pack of 100 pieces
– Perfectly sized for a variety of fishing rigs and setups

Detailed Specifications:

– Material: Durable plastic that withstands wear and tear
– Size: 2.8mm diameter, suitable for most fishing lines
– Colors: Assortment of bright and vibrant colors for increased visibility
– Count: 100 beads per pack, ensuring ample supply for your fishing needs

Usage Points:

– Easy to install: Simply slide the beads onto the fishing line for quick and effortless setup
– Versatile: Ideal for creating a variety of carp rigs, including chod rigs, Ronnie rigs, and hinged stiff rigs
– Durable: Made from high-quality plastic that resists cracking or breaking
– Customizable: The bright colors allow for personalized rig designs to suit specific fishing conditions

Additional Features:

– Smooth surface finish prevents damage to fishing line
– Compact size for easy storage and portability
– Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing

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    Carp Fishing Rig Stopper Beads: Compact and Practical 100Pcs 2.8mm