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Enduring Aluminum Bike Stem for Elite Rides and Enhanced Comfort

– Ideal for road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bicycles
– Suitable for handlebars with a 31.8mm diameter
– Features a 4-bolt clamp design for enhanced stability
– Made from durable aluminum alloy for long-lasting use
– Available in various lengths to match specific riding preferences


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Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser


– Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy construction
– 31.8mm clamp diameter fits most standard handlebars
– 70mm length provides a comfortable riding position
– Precision-machined for a secure fit
– Easy to install


– Improve your riding comfort with a more ergonomic handlebar position
– Enhance your bike’s handling and control
– Lightweight construction won’t weigh you down
– Durable alloy construction ensures long-lasting performance


1. Remove the old stem from your bike.
2. Install the new stem onto the bike’s steerer tube.
3. Tighten the stem bolts to the specified torque.
4. Install the handlebars onto the stem.
5. Tighten the handlebar bolts to the specified torque.

Product Specifications:

– Material: Aluminum alloy
– Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
– Length: 70mm
– Weight: 120g

Additional Features:

– Available in a variety of colors to match your bike’s style
– Compatible with most mountain bikes and road bikes
– Backed by a satisfaction guarantee

Order your Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser today and experience the difference it can make to your riding!

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    Enduring Aluminum Bike Stem for Elite Rides and Enhanced Comfort