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Adjustable Mountain Bike Stem Extender: Elevate and Customize Your Riding Experience

– Essential for raising handlebars on mountain bikes, extending comfort and improving posture
– Durable aluminum alloy construction ensures longevity and withstands tough riding conditions
– Multiple length options available to customize handlebar height, catering to different rider preferences
– Lightweight design minimizes overall bike weight, maintaining agility and responsiveness
– Compatible with standard 28.6mm handlebars, providing easy installation and versatility


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Bike Handlebar Stem Riser Extender Fork Adapter Riser 28.6mm Mountain Bike

Product Features:

– Extends the height of your bike’s handlebars, improving comfort and reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.
– Ideal for mountain bikes, providing a more upright riding position for better control and visibility.
– Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring strength and longevity.
– Easy to install, requiring only basic tools and no permanent modifications to your bike.
– Compatible with 28.6mm handlebars, suitable for most standard mountain bikes.
– Available in various colors to match your bike’s aesthetics.

Key Usage Points:

– Easy installation with no permanent modifications
– Durable aluminum alloy construction for long-lasting performance
– Color options to complement your bike’s style

Detailed Specifications:

– Material: Aluminum alloy
– Height Extension: Varies depending on the specific model
– Compatibility: 28.6mm handlebars
– Weight: Approximately 100-150 grams

Additional Features:

– Anodized finish for corrosion resistance and enhanced durability
– Precision-engineered to ensure a secure and rattle-free ride
– Ideal for riders who experience discomfort or pain from a forward-leaning riding position

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    Adjustable Mountain Bike Stem Extender: Elevate and Customize Your Riding Experience