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Entice Amphibious Predators: Lifelike Top-Water Frog Lures for Precision Angling

– Ideal for fishing enthusiasts seeking realistic frog imitations for top-water fishing.
– Features: Lifelike frog design, durable construction, and sharp hooks for effective strikes.
– Made with high-quality materials for extended durability in challenging fishing conditions.
– Available in various sizes and colors to cater to different water bodies and target species.
– Additional features: Realistic kicking legs and popping sound to attract predators.


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Frog Fishing Lures Soft Baits

Product Features:

Designed to entice bass, pike, muskie, and other freshwater predators, these Frog Fishing Lures are a must-have for any angler’s tackle box.

– Realistic frog design with lifelike colors and textures.
– Floating action that imitates a real frog on the water’s surface.
– Durable construction withstands multiple strikes.
– Easy to use with any standard fishing rod and reel.


– Attract fish with their lifelike appearance and movement.
– Float on the surface, making them easy to spot and track.
– Withstand even the most aggressive strikes, ensuring a long lifespan.
– Versatile design works with a variety of fishing techniques.

Key Usage Points:

– Ideal for fishing in shallow water near lily pads or other vegetation.
– Can be used for casting, trolling, or jigging.
– Suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Detailed Specifications:

– Length: 2.5 inches
– Weight: 0.5 ounces
– Material: Soft plastic
– Color: Green with black and yellow markings

Additional Features:

– Equipped with a sharp hook that penetrates easily.
– Available in a range of colors to match different water conditions.
– Made from durable materials that resist tearing and damage.

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    Entice Amphibious Predators: Lifelike Top-Water Frog Lures for Precision Angling