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Integrated Bike Computer Mount for Seamless Handlebar Control and Streamlined Riding

– Essential bike accessory for cyclists tracking and recording ride data
– Securely holds Edge Series bike computers
– Mounts seamlessly onto compatible Garmin Edge handlebar/stem combos
– Lightweight and durable construction
– Easy installation and removal
– Additional features include adjustable viewing angle and compatibility with various Edge models


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Bike Computer Mount for Edge Series Integrated Handlebar/Stem

Product Features:

This Bike Computer Mount seamlessly integrates into your handlebar/stem, providing a secure and streamlined mounting solution for your Garmin Edge series bike computer. Its compact and aerodynamic design complements the sleek aesthetics of modern road bikes.


* Enhanced visibility: Elevates your bike computer to an optimal viewing angle, ensuring you can easily monitor your ride data without compromising your riding position.
* Secure hold: The mount’s robust construction and precision-engineered fit firmly secure your Edge computer, even on rough terrain or during intense rides.
* Sleek integration: Its integrated design blends seamlessly with your handlebar/stem, preserving the clean and clutter-free look of your bike.

Key Usage Points:

* Easy installation: The mount’s simple yet effective design makes installation a breeze, requiring minimal tools or technical expertise.
* Durability: Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, this mount is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday cycling, ensuring longevity and reliability.
* Color options: Choose from a range of colors, including black, red, blue, and green, to complement your bike’s aesthetic.


* Compatible with Garmin Edge 1030/830/530 series bike computers
* Integrated handlebar/stem design
* Durable aluminum alloy construction
* Multiple color options available
* Weight: 20 grams

Additional Features:

* Compatible with integrated handlebars and stems from leading manufacturers like Zipp, Enve, and PRO
* Its compact size minimizes wind resistance and maintains the aerodynamic profile of your bike
* Precision-engineered fit ensures a secure and rattle-free connection with your Edge computer

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    Integrated Bike Computer Mount for Seamless Handlebar Control and Streamlined Riding