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Plush Automatic Inflatable Mattress: Ultimate Comfort for Camping, Hiking, and Travel

– Perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities
– Automatic inflation in just 2 minutes
– Comfortable and supportive with a built-in pillow
– Durable and puncture-resistant
– Compact and lightweight for easy transport and storage


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Automatic Inflatable Mattress, Camping Sleeping Pad with Pillow

Product Description:

Enjoy a comfortable night outdoors with our Automatic Inflatable Mattress. With its innovative design and premium materials, this sleeping pad offers exceptional comfort, convenience, and durability for all your camping adventures.

Product Features:

Easy Inflation:
– Effortlessly inflate the mattress within minutes using the built-in foot pump. No external pump or batteries required.

– Made from high-density foam, the mattress provides plush support and insulation for a restful sleep.
– Integrated pillow ensures proper head and neck support.

Lightweight and Portable:
– Compact and easy to carry, weighing under 3 lbs.
– Comes with a convenient stuff sack for easy storage and portability.

Durable Construction:
– Constructed from puncture-resistant and waterproof nylon fabric for superior durability.
– Reinforced seams prevent leaks and enhance longevity.

Versatile Usage:
– Ideal for camping, backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
– Can also be used as an extra bed for guests or for relaxing at home.

Key Usage Points:

– Automatic inflation saves time and effort.
– Comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.
– Lightweight design for easy transportation.
– Durable materials withstand rugged conditions.
– Versatile for various activities and home use.

Additional Features:

– Adjustable firmness: Inflate to your desired comfort level by adding or releasing air.
– Anti-slip bottom prevents the mattress from sliding on uneven surfaces.
– Water-resistant coating repels moisture and condensation.


– Dimensions: 75″ x 27.5″ x 4″
– Weight: 2.8 lbs
– Material: Puncture-resistant nylon and high-density foam
– Inflation time: Approximately 2-3 minutes

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    Plush Automatic Inflatable Mattress: Ultimate Comfort for Camping, Hiking, and Travel