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Indispensable Chrome Steel Torx Key Set with 0.47” Size for Precision Projects

– 5-piece 0.47″ single-ended PCB test clips
– Perfect for electronic engineers, hobbyists
– Durable construction for long-lasting performance
– Insulated jaws for safe testing
– Fully adjustable to fit most PCB terminals


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5pcs 0.47” HSS Mini Circular Saw Blade Cutting Disc For Rotary Power Tool Dremel

Product Features:
5Pcs 0.47 inches Mini Circular Saw Blade Cutting Disc for Rotary Power Tool Dremel
– Material: High-carbon steel
– Diameter: 12mm(0.47″)
– Thickness: 0.6mm
– Arbor: 3.2mm
– Color: Silver
– Quantity: 5pcs

– Made of durable high-carbon steel, Strong and durable.
– Ideal for cutting wood, plastic, soft metal, aluminum, etc.
– Sharp and fast cutting.
– Suitable for rotary tools, such as Dremel, Proxxon, Foredom, etc.
– 3.2mm arbor fits most rotary tools.
– 0.47-inch diameter is ideal for making precise cuts.
– Silver color for easy visibility.
– 5 pieces per pack for long-lasting use.

– Durable construction for long-lasting use.
– Versatile tool for cutting a variety of materials.
– Sharp and fast cutting for clean and precise results.
– Compact size and 3.2mm arbor for easy use with rotary tools.
– Silver color for easy visibility during use.
– Quantity of 5 pieces per pack provides ample supply.

– Cutting wood
– Cutting plastic
– Cutting soft metal
– Cutting aluminum

– Use a sharp blade for best results.
– Hold the tool firmly and guide it carefully.
– Wear safety glasses when using the tool.

Additional Features:
– Compatible with most rotary tools.
– Ideal for hobbyists, DIYers, and professionals.

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    Indispensable Chrome Steel Torx Key Set with 0.47” Size for Precision Projects