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Adjustable Bike Fork Stem Riser: Elevate Your Ride with Comfort and Control

– A must-have for serious cyclists to adjust the height of the handlebars for comfort and performance
– Durable and lightweight aluminum alloy construction
– Easy to install and remove, making it perfect for quick adjustments
– The unique design allows for fine-tuning of the handlebar position
– Available in black, red and gold to match any bike


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1 Piece Bike Handlebar Fork Stem Riser, Flexible Easy

Product Features:

– Adjustable stem length: 90mm to 120mm
– Adjustable handlebar height: 30mm to 60mm
– Fits standard 1-1/8″ threadless fork steerers
– Made of strong and durable aluminum alloy
– Easy installation with included hardware
– Black finish matches most bikes


– Improves riding comfort by allowing you to find the perfect position for your handlebars
– Reduces neck and back pain by raising the handlebars closer to the rider
– Makes it easier to control the bike, especially at low speeds
– Adds a stylish look to your bike

Usage Points:

– Mountain bikes
– Road bikes
– Hybrid bikes
– Cruisers
– Comfort bikes

Additional Features:

– Includes a locking lever to keep the stem securely in place
– Compatible with most handlebars
– Covered by a one-year warranty

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    Adjustable Bike Fork Stem Riser: Elevate Your Ride with Comfort and Control