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Ultra-Smooth Fitness Gliding Discs: Enhanced Workout Intensity and Core Stability

– Anyone looking for low-impact cardio and strength training exercises.
– Dual-sided discs with smooth and textured surfaces for various floor types.
– Durable plastic construction for longevity.
– Ergonomic handles for comfort and control.
– Compact and portable for easy storage and carry.


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1 Pair Glider Slide Discs Fitness Gliding Gym

Product Features:

– Compact, lightweight and portable for easy storage and transport
– Sturdy ABS construction for durability
– Dual-sided design for use on carpet or hard floors
– Ergonomic handles for improved grip and control
– Multiple exercise options to target various muscle groups


– Enhance core strength and stability
– Improve flexibility and coordination
– Burn calories and tone muscles
– Reduce impact on joints compared to traditional exercises
– Convenient for home or gym workouts


– Material: ABS
– Diameter: 17.8cm
– Thickness: 0.7cm
– Weight: 180g per disc
– Color Options: Black, Blue, Green

Key Usage Points:

– Easy to install and use
– Suitable for all fitness levels
– Ideal for exercises such as lunges, planks, and push-ups
– Versatile for use with resistance bands and other fitness equipment

Additional Features:

– Non-slip surface for enhanced safety
– Comes with a carrying bag for convenient storage and transportation

User Concerns and Desires Addressed:

– Compact and lightweight design meets the need for portability.
– Durable construction ensures longevity and withstands regular use.
– Dual-sided design caters to different floor surfaces, offering versatility.
– Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable and secure grip.

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    Ultra-Smooth Fitness Gliding Discs: Enhanced Workout Intensity and Core Stability