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Coconut husk fiber coco coir growing anthurium plants natural dry organic

– Coconut husk fiber coco coir growing Anthurium plants natural dry organic
– Anthurium growers and hobbyists need it.
– Features: pH balanced and washed, water-retentive, and airy mix, provides essential nutrients.
– Durable and long-lasting, can be reused for multiple growing cycles.
– Options: Available in different volumes to suit various pot sizes and plant needs.
– Additional features: Encourages root growth, improves drainage, and aeration.


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Coconut Coir – Premium Substrate for Anthuriums

Product Description:

Coconut coir is a natural and organic growing medium derived from coconut husks. It is an excellent choice for Anthurium plants due to its unique properties that promote healthy root development and overall plant growth.

Benefits of Using Coconut Coir for Anthuriums:

* Excellent Drainage: Coco coir has a high porosity, which allows excess water to drain easily, preventing root rot and other moisture-related problems.
* Moisture Retention: Despite its drainage capabilities, coir also retains moisture effectively, providing plants with a consistently moist growing environment.
* pH Balanced: Coco coir has a slightly acidic pH of around 5.5-6.5, which is ideal for Anthuriums.
* Aeration: The porous structure of coco coir promotes air circulation within the root zone, ensuring optimal oxygen levels for healthy root development.
* Durable and Long-Lasting: Coco coir is resistant to decomposition, providing a stable growing medium for extended periods.

Product Features:

* Finely ground coconut husk fibers with consistent texture and size
* Free from harmful chemicals or impurities
* Natural brown color
* Available in various sizes to meet different container needs

Additional Features:

* Easy Installation: Coco coir is lightweight and easy to handle, making it convenient to use in any container.
* Environmentally Friendly: Coco coir is a sustainable and biodegradable substrate that can be reused or composted after use.
* Versatile: Coco coir can be used alone or mixed with other growing media to create a customized blend that suits the specific needs of Anthuriums.

For more information on coconut coir and its use with Anthuriums, refer to the following resources:


  • The Spruce: How to Grow Anthuriums

  • Royal Horticultural Society: Growing Anthuriums

  • Anthuriums – Care and Growing Guide
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    Coconut husk fiber coco coir growing anthurium plants natural dry organic