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Sturdy Tree Climbing Spikes Set with Durable Steel Construction and Pedal Tool

– Perfect for outdoor tree climbing or jungle exploration
– Ergonomically designed for comfortable climbing experience
– Durable due to carbon steel structure
– Sharp and sturdy claws for tight grips
– Rust and corrosion-resistant
– Includes pedals and mounting tools for easy adjustment and installation
– Available in different sizes to accommodate various foot sizes


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Tree Climbing Spikes Set with Pedal Tool

Product Features:

– Forged from heat-treated carbon steel that is both lightweight and durable.
– Easy to install and uninstall with the included pedal tool.
– Serrated steps ensure a secure grip while climbing.
– Adjustable straps accommodate a wide range of boot and calf sizes.
– Color options (yellow, red, and black) allow for customization.


– Provides a safe and efficient way to climb trees.
– Makes it easier to reach higher branches for pruning, harvesting, or observation.
– Ideal for professional arborists, tree trimmers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Usage Points:

– Lightweight construction reduces fatigue during extended climbs.
– Durable materials withstand the rigors of tree climbing.
– Serrated steps provide excellent grip on all types of tree bark.
– Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit.
– Pedal tool simplifies installation and removal.

Additional Features:

– Comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.
– Meets all relevant safety standards for tree climbing equipment.
– Backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Product Specifications:

– Material: Heat-treated carbon steel
– Number of steps: Four
– Step length: 10 inches
– Strap length: 15 inches
– Weight: 9 pounds
– Color options: Yellow, red, black

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    Sturdy Tree Climbing Spikes Set with Durable Steel Construction and Pedal Tool