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Trampoline Safety Spring Pad Cover, Water-Resistant Trampoline Spring Cover for Outdoor Trampolines

Perfect for protecting jumpers from the springs and frame of a trampoline, these spring covers are designed to fit over the edge of a trampoline, covering the trampoline’s springs & frame
– Protects jumpers from springs and frame
– Hook and loop fasteners securely attach the cover to the trampoline frame
– UV resistant and waterproof
– Made from durable, high-density polyethylene foam
– Comes in multiple colors and sizes to match any trampoline


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Trampoline Spring Cover Waterproof Trampoline Spring Pad Trampoline Pad

This heavy-duty spring cover is the perfect way to keep your trampoline safe for use. Constructed from a weather-resistant PVC material, this cover is designed to withstand the elements and keep your springs dry. The cover features a mesh bottom that allows for air circulation, preventing moisure buildup and mildew.

Product Features:
– 100% high quality and brand new
– Made of waterproof PVC material
– Elastic edge with adjustable drawstring
– Can protect the mat from rain and dust
– Protects children against injuries
– Anti-aging and ultraviolet protection
– Easy to install and clean
– Fit most round trampolines

– Material: Waterproof 300D Oxford Fabric
– Size: 12ft/14ft/15ft/16ft (Optional)
– 6ft Diameter Spring Pad
– Color: Blue
– Net Weight: 4.5lbs/5.5lbs/6.5lbs/7lbs (Approx.)

Package Content:
– 1 x Trampoline Spring Cover Waterproof Trampoline Spring Pad Trampoline Pad

– Protection:
The spring cover acts as a protective shield, shielding the trampoline’s springs from adverse weather conditions, including rain and dust. It also safeguards the springs and extends their lifespan by mitigating rust and wear.
Safety: The cover serves as a safety measure, preventing children from getting hurt by the exposed springs. It ensures a comfortable and risk-free jumping experience for all users.
Durability: Engineered from sturdy 300D Oxford fabric, the spring cover is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its robust construction and excellent resistance to wear and tear guarantee long-lasting performance.
Convenience: Designed for user convenience, the spring cover is easy to install. The elastic edge and adjustable drawstring enable a quick and effortless setup, saving time and hassle.
Aesthetic Appeal: The spring cover comes in a vibrant blue color, adding a splash of color and enhancing the visual appeal of your trampoline. Its stylish appearance complements any backyard decor.

Additional Features:
– The mesh bottom of the cover ensures proper air circulation, preventing moisture buildup and discouraging mildew formation.
– The cover has a wide range of sizes available, ensuring suitability for various trampoline diameters.
– The 6ft diameter spring pad provides additional protection for the springs and enhances the overall safety of the trampoline.

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    Trampoline Safety Spring Pad Cover, Water-Resistant Trampoline Spring Cover for Outdoor Trampolines