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Perfectly Designed Antenna Connector – SL16 Male Plug for RG5 RG6 Cable

– Perfectly designed antenna connector – SL16 male plug offers a hassle-free, secure connection between cables and antennas.
– Ideal for connecting RG5 or RG6 cables to antennas, providing a durable and reliable connection for optimal signal transmission.
– Constructed with robust materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion and wear.
– Easy to install, allowing for quick and effortless setup.


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SL16 Male Plug for RG5 RG6 Cable

Product Features:

* Constructed from high-quality brass with nickel plating for durability and corrosion resistance.
* Provides a reliable and secure connection for RG5 and RG6 coaxial cables, ensuring optimal signal transmission.
* Features a male SL16 connector on one end, allowing for easy attachment to devices or cables with female SL16 ports.
* Compact and lightweight design makes it convenient for use in tight spaces or on-the-go applications.
* Easy to install, requiring only a simple twist-on motion for a snug fit.
* Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


* Ensures reliable signal transmission with minimal loss or interference.
* Protects the connection from environmental factors and wear and tear.
* Provides a convenient and time-saving installation process.
* Suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications, including home theater systems, satellite dishes, and surveillance cameras.


* Connecting RG5 or RG6 coaxial cables to devices with female SL16 ports.
* Extending the length of existing coaxial cables.
* Replacing damaged or malfunctioning connectors on coaxial cables.

Additional Features:

* Color options available to match the aesthetics of your setup.
* Comes with a protective cap to prevent damage to the connector.
* Compatible with a wide range of devices and cables for versatility.

Technical Specifications:

* Connector Type: SL16 Male
* Cable Compatibility: RG5, RG6
* Material: Brass with Nickel Plating
* Dimensions: [Insert dimensions here] * Weight: [Insert weight here]

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Perfectly Designed Antenna Connector – SL16 Male Plug for RG5 RG6 Cable