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Genuine Replacement Power Button Board with Cable for Asus X551 Series Laptops

– Specifically designed for the X551 X551MA X551C X551CA laptop models.
– Essential for replacing a damaged or malfunctioning power button board.
– Provides a reliable and responsive power button functionality.
– Includes a connecting cable for seamless integration.
– Made with durable materials for longevity and extended service life.

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New Original For X551 X551MA X551C X551CA Power Button Board With Cable

Product Overview:

– Genuine replacement part for ASUS X551 X551MA X551C X551CA laptops.
– Restores the power button functionality of your laptop.
– Includes the power button board and connecting cable.
– Easy to install, plug-and-play design.

Product Features:

– Compatible with ASUS X551 X551MA X551C X551CA laptop models.
– Original ASUS part number: 13NB02D0AP0101.
– Made of high-quality materials for durability and reliability.
– Resolves issues such as unresponsive power button or intermittent power failures.
– Compact and lightweight design for easy storage and carrying.


– Restores full power button functionality to your laptop.
– Prevents accidental shutdowns or power failures.
– Extends the lifespan of your laptop by replacing worn-out components.
– Easy to install and maintain, saving you time and hassle.

Installation Guide:

1. Power off the laptop and disconnect the AC adapter.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Locate the power button board on the top of the laptop.
4. Gently pry up the power button board and disconnect the connecting cable.
5. Connect the new power button board to the cable and press it into place.
6. Reinstall the battery and connect the AC adapter.
7. Power on the laptop and test the power button functionality.


– Material: Plastic and metal
– Color: Black
– Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 5 mm (approx.)
– Weight: 10 grams (approx.)

Additional Features:

– Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 operating systems.
– Plug-and-play design for easy installation and replacement.
– Backed by a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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    Genuine Replacement Power Button Board with Cable for Asus X551 Series Laptops