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Perfect Comfort: Premium Earpads & Headband Cushion for Logitech G35 G930 G430 F450 Headphones

– Compatible with Logitech G35, G930, G430, F450, F450 Surround Sound Gaming Headphones
– Great replacement for lost or damaged ear cushions, headband cushions
– Improves comfort when playing games or listening to music
– Easy to install – just remove your old ear cushions and headband cushions and install the new ones
– Durable and high quality, will last a long time
– 100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied

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Replacement Earpads & Headband Cushion for Logitech G35 G930 G430 F450 F Headphones

Upgrade Your Audio Experience

Enhance your Logitech headphones with our premium replacement earpads and headband cushion, designed to provide exceptional comfort and sound isolation.

Product Features:

Compatibility: Perfectly compatible with Logitech G35, G930, G430, F450, and F Headphones
Optimal Comfort: Soft, breathable foam ensures all-day comfort and reduces pressure on your ears and head
Improved Sound Quality: Enhanced noise isolation blocks out unwanted sounds, delivering immersive and distraction-free audio
Durable Construction: Premium materials withstand everyday use and prevent premature wear and tear
Easy Installation: Effortless snap-on design makes it easy to replace old or worn-out earpads and headband cushion

Additional Features:

Variety of Colors: Choose from black, blue, red, or orange earpads to match your personal style or headphone design
Hygiene and Maintenance: Washable earpads ensure a clean and sanitary listening experience
2-Year Warranty: Backed by our 2-year warranty for peace of mind

Reasons to Choose Our Replacement Earpads and Headband Cushion:

– Enhance the comfort and performance of your Logitech headphones
– Upgrade your audio experience with improved sound quality and noise isolation
– Enjoy a wide range of color options to personalize your headphones
– Count on durable construction and easy installation
– Backed by our customer support and 2-year warranty


– Material: Soft Breathable Foam
– Compatibility: Logitech G35, G930, G430, F450, F Headphones
– Installation: Snap-On Design
– Warranty: 2 Years

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    Perfect Comfort: Premium Earpads & Headband Cushion for Logitech G35 G930 G430 F450 Headphones