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Game Console USB External Cooler Super-Turbo Cooler Fan Gaming Accessories

– Designed for PS4 consoles to prevent overheating after intense gameplay sessions
– Two ultra-high-speed and quiet fans maximize airflow to cool the console’s internal components
– Built-in LED lights indicate the cooler’s operation status
– Attaches directly to the back of the console and does not require any external power source


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Product Features:

  • Compact and Portable:
  • Easy Installation:
  • Two built-in fans create a powerful airflow to keep the device cool
  • Extends the lifespan of your device
  • Prevents overheating and improves performance
  • Some models have adjustable fan speeds to control the cooling level
  • Compatible with various gaming consoles
  • Sleek design complements any gaming setup
  • Enhances gaming experience by reducing heat-related issues
  • Available in multiple color options to match your console’s aesthetic
  • Power source: USB port on the console
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transportation


  • Protects your console from overheating and damage
  • Improves performance and extends the lifespan of your device
  • Keeps the console cool and comfortable to handle during extended gaming sessions
  • Reduces heat-related noise, creating a quieter gaming environment
  • Enhances overall gaming experience by preventing performance issues caused by overheating

Key Usage Points:

  • Attach the cooler to the console’s USB port
  • Position the cooler to maximize airflow
  • Connect the USB cable to a power source
  • Adjust fan speed (if applicable) to desired level

Additional Features:

Some game console USB external coolers offer additional features such as:

  • RGB lighting for a customized gaming experience
  • Noise-dampening technology for quieter operation
  • Temperature monitoring to display the console’s temperature in real-time
  • Mobile app connectivity for remote control and monitoring

Technical Specifications:

Specification Typical Value
Fan Speed 2500-4500 RPM
Airflow 12-20 CFM
Power Consumption <5W
Dimensions Varies by model
Weight Varies by model

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Game Console USB External Cooler Super-Turbo Cooler Fan Gaming Accessories