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Nourishing Lip Balm: Orange, Mint, Strawberry – Moisturize, Soften, and Protect Your Lips

– Keep lips moisturized and soft
– Natural ingredients
– Smooth and soften lips
– Variety of flavors: Orange, Mint, Strawberry
– 3.5g

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Fresh New Lip Balm in Orange/Mint/Strawberry


Introducing Fresh New Lip Balm, the ultimate solution for soft, supple, and irresistibly kissable lips. This nourishing lip balm is infused with a blend of natural ingredients to provide lasting hydration and protection.


* Locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration
* Protects lips from environmental aggressors
* Soothes and replenishes dry, chapped lips
* Enhances the natural beauty of your lips

Product Features:

* **Natural Ingredients:** Enriched with soothing aloe vera, nourishing shea butter, and protective vitamin E to nurture your lips
* **Silky Smooth Texture:** Glides on effortlessly, leaving a velvety finish
* **Three Delicious Flavors:** Available in refreshing Orange, invigorating Mint, and sweet Strawberry
* **SPF 15 Protection:** Protects lips from harmful UV rays
* **Compact and Convenient:** Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups

Usage Points:

* Apply liberally to lips as needed
* Ideal for use before or after sun exposure
* Can be worn alone or under lipstick for added hydration
* Suitable for all skin types

Additional Features:

* **Cruelty-Free and Vegan:** Does not contain animal-derived ingredients
* **Paraben-Free:** No harsh chemicals to irritate sensitive lips
* **Dermatologist-Tested:** Gentle and safe for daily use

Customer Concerns and Solutions:

* **Concern:** Dry, chapped lips
* **Solution:** Hydrating formula with shea butter and aloe vera replenishes moisture levels
* **Concern:** Sun damage
* **Solution:** SPF 15 protection helps shield lips from harmful UV rays
* **Concern:** Harsh chemicals
* **Solution:** Paraben-free and hypoallergenic formula is gentle on lips


* Size: 3.5g
* Flavors: Orange, Mint, Strawberry
* SPF: 15

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    Nourishing Lip Balm: Orange, Mint, Strawberry – Moisturize, Soften, and Protect Your Lips