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Genuine Latitude E7450 HDD / Disk Caddy Tray with Screws for Secure Hard Drive Storage

– ForLatitude E7450 HDD /Disk Caddy Tray with Screws
– For business professionals, IT experts, laptop owners
– Durable metal construction with screws for secure HDD/SSD installation
– Easily swap between HDDs/SSDs for data accessibility and storage expansion
– Supports 9.5mm and 7mm 2.5″ SATA III HDD/SSD

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HDD /Disk Caddy Tray with Screws For Latitude E7450

Product Features:

* Enhanced Storage Capacity: Expand the storage capacity of your Latitude E7450 by adding an additional HDD or SSD.

* Secure Data Storage: The caddy tray securely holds your hard drive in place, preventing data loss due to accidental jostling or drops.

* Easy Installation: Effortlessly install your HDD or SSD into the caddy tray without the need for any technical tools or expertise.

* Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials, the caddy tray ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.

* Compatibility: Specifically designed for Latitude E7450 laptops, ensuring a snug fit and seamless integration.

Product Specifications:

* Compatible Laptop Model: Latitude E7450
* Material: Durable plastic
* Color: Black
* Includes mounting screws for secure installation


* Increased storage capacity for storing essential files, software, and media.
* Reliable data protection for your valuable information.
* Hassle-free installation process, saving time and effort.
* Durable construction for extended usage without compromising performance.
* Perfect fit for Latitude E7450 laptops, ensuring optimal functionality.

Usage Points:

* Upgrade your laptop’s storage capacity for seamless multitasking and data management.
* Store large files, such as movies, music, and presentations, without sacrificing performance.
* Ideal for professionals, students, and anyone requiring additional storage space.
* Protects your valuable data from accidental drops or shocks, ensuring peace of mind.
* Easy installation makes it a convenient solution for expanding your storage needs.

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    Genuine Latitude E7450 HDD / Disk Caddy Tray with Screws for Secure Hard Drive Storage