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Premium LED Fishing Float Chain Bite Indicator for Enhanced Sensitivity and Night Visibility

– Ideal for anglers
– Highly sensitive, detects the slightest bites
– Long-lasting and durable construction
– Multiple indicator options for various fishing conditions
– LED light for night fishing


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Fishing Indicators Chain Bite Sensor Fishing Tackle LED Illuminated

Product Features:

The Fishing Indicators Chain Bite Sensor is an innovative fishing tackle designed to enhance the angling experience. This LED-illuminated device provides visual cues to anglers, allowing them to detect subtle bites and improve their catch rate.


* Enhanced bite detection for improved fishing success
* Bright LED illumination for clear visibility in various light conditions
* Durable construction for long-lasting performance
* Easy installation on fishing lines
* Adjustable sensitivity to match different fishing styles and conditions


* Chain design with multiple bite indicators
* Waterproof and submersible up to 3 meters
* Long-lasting battery life with replaceable CR425 battery
* Compact and lightweight for easy portability
* Available in multiple color options to suit angler preferences

Key Usage Points:

* Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
* Suitable for bottom fishing, jigging, and trolling techniques
* Adjustable sensitivity allows anglers to customize bite detection to their specific needs
* Durable nylon chain for extended usage


* Material: Nylon chain and LED lights
* Dimensions: 25cm in length
* Weight: 10g
* Battery: CR425 lithium battery (replaceable)
* Color Options: Red, Green, Blue

Additional Features:

* The bright LED illumination attracts fish, potentially increasing catch rates.
* The adjustable sensitivity allows anglers to fine-tune the device for optimal performance in different fishing conditions.
* The durable construction ensures reliable use even in challenging environments.

  • Using Bite Indicators for Improved Fishing
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    Premium LED Fishing Float Chain Bite Indicator for Enhanced Sensitivity and Night Visibility