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Premium Quality Boilies Fishing Foam Sticks Lures for Anglers

– Great for buoyancy to hookbaits
– Easy to stick onto a hair rig
– Comes in various sizes
– Black or white foam
– 12 pieces per pack


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Fishing Foam Sticks

Product Features:

– Float Fishing Foam
– Adds lift and visual appeal to any bait presentation
– Perfect for using as a hookbait, boilie topper, or to tip off a method feeder
– 8mm diameter x 20mm length
– Versatile bait with high buoyancy
– Super buoyant, durable, and easy to use
– Available in 3 different colors (pink, yellow, white)
– Easy to cut to size to match the desired amount of lift
– Save time and take advantage of the 12 pack value
– Bright and attractive colors help to attract fish
– Reusable bait with no additional need for additives


– Use the bright and vibrant color options to attract fish from a distance
– Known for being durable, the foam sticks stand up to repeated casting and aggressive fish
– Easy installation allows for quick bait changes with no added time wasted
– Smooth and consistent foam gives your bait a polished and professional look
– Save money when purchasing the value pack of 12

Additional Features:

– Floats delicate baits
– Stops baits from sinking into silt and debris
– Ideal for use on method feeders
– Critically balanced
– Hookbaits or pop-ups

  • Using the Sticky Floater Sticks
  • Adding Floater Sticks to Your Fishing Rig
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    Premium Quality Boilies Fishing Foam Sticks Lures for Anglers