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Double-Sided Fly Box: Streamer Flies Organizer for Convenient Storage and Organization

– For streamers’ lovers and fly tiers, this fly box features two sides for streamer storage
– Keep flies well-protected with thick foam
– Secure latch to ensure the box stays closed when in transit
– Durable plastic construction for lasting utility
– Available in two sizes to accommodate various streamer collections


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Double Sided Fly Fishing Box Streamer Flies Container Organizer Portable

Product Features:

– Optimally stores a wide range of streamer flies and other terminal tackle
– Durable, water-resistant construction ensures long-lasting performance
– Ultra-clear lid provides excellent visibility for quick fly selection
– Compact and lightweight design for convenient portability
– Injection-molded construction for enhanced durability and longevity
– Secure latch keeps flies securely in place
– Double-sided design maximizing storage capacity without added bulk
– Perfect for fly fishers who need a reliable and efficient way to store their streamer flies
– Ideal for storing flies of various sizes and shapes


– Protects flies from damage and tangles
– Enables anglers to quickly and easily access the flies they need
– Helps to organize and streamline tackle storage
– Eliminates the frustration of searching through a cluttered fly box
– Provides peace of mind with its secure latch design
– Offers ample storage capacity for even the most extensive fly collections
– Enhances the overall fly fishing experience by providing quick and efficient access to flies


– Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.5″ x 1″
– Weight: 2.4 ounces
– Material: Injection-molded plastic
– Color: Black
– Number of Compartments: 16 (8 per side)

Additional Features:

– The box is designed to float in water, making it easy to retrieve if accidentally dropped
– Includes a small hook holder on the side of the box for convenient fly storage
– The box is available in a variety of colors to suit personal preferences

Key Usage Points:

– Easy installation in any fly fishing pack or vest
– Durable construction for long-term use under various conditions
– Color options to match your personal style and preferences

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    Double-Sided Fly Box: Streamer Flies Organizer for Convenient Storage and Organization