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CPU Thermal Grease Conductivity 12.8W/m-K High-Performance Silicone

– Performance-hungry computer hobbyists, engineers, and IT professionals
– High thermal conductivity (12.8W/m-K) for efficient heat dissipation
– Silicone-based formula ensures durability and long-lasting performance
– Available in various sizes to suit different processor configurations
– Non-conductive, safe for use on electronics


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CPU Thermal Grease Conductivity 12.8W/m-K High-Performance Silicone

Product Features:
– Thermally conductive silicone grease is designed to fill air gaps and voids between the CPU and heat sink to enhance heat transfer and improve cooling efficiency.
– High thermal conductivity: 12.8 W/m-K ensures efficient heat dissipation.
– Non-curing formula: Stays permanently soft and will not harden or crack over time, maintaining optimal thermal performance.
– Wide operating temperature range: -50 to 200°C (-58 to 392°F) makes it suitable for various applications.
– Easy to apply: Syringe applicator for precise and mess-free application.
– Non-toxic and non-corrosive: Safe for use on all types of CPU surfaces and heat sinks.

– Reduces CPU operating temperatures for increased stability and performance.
– Prevents overheating and extends the life of your CPU and other components.
– Easy to apply and remove, making it convenient for maintenance and upgrades.
– Long-lasting performance ensures continuous optimal heat transfer throughout its lifespan.

Usage Points:
– Ideal for high-performance CPUs in desktops, laptops, servers, and other electronic devices.
– Suitable for applications where efficient heat dissipation is crucial.
– Compatible with all types of CPU surfaces and heat sinks.

Additional Features:
– Excellent electrical insulation properties for safe use in electronic circuits.
– RoHS compliant, ensuring it meets environmental safety standards.
– Cost-effective solution for improving CPU cooling performance.

– Thermal Conductivity: 12.8 W/m-K
– Operating Temperature Range: -50 to 200°C (-58 to 392°F)
– Density: 2.6 g/cm³
– Viscosity: 100,000 mPa·s
– Volume: 5g

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    CPU Thermal Grease Conductivity 12.8W/m-K High-Performance Silicone