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Longboard Skateboard LED Lights – 60mm, Cruiser Board Accessory for Night Rides

– For riders of all ages and levels, enhancing visibility and style.
– Features bright and long-lasting LED lights for increased safety and a dazzling display.
– Durable construction withstands the rigors of skateboarding, ensuring longevity.
– Multiple color options allow for customization and personal expression.
– Easy installation and removal for quick and effortless use.


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2x 60mm Longboard Skateboard Cruiser LED Light Color

Product Features:
– 60mm size, suitable for most longboards and cruiser skateboards
– Made of high-quality PU material, durable and wear-resistant
– Built-in LED lights, light up when the wheels roll, add extra fun to your riding
– Available in a variety of colors to match your style, many color options: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and white
– Easy to install, just remove your old wheels and replace them with the new ones
– Waterproof and dustproof, no need to worry about riding in different weather conditions
– Lightweight and portable, easy to carry around

– Material: PU
– Size: 60mm
– Hardness: 78A
– Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, White
– LED light color: Random
– Quantity: 2 pieces

– Improve your riding experience with the bright LED lights
– Stand out from the crowd with the colorful wheels
– Durable and long-lasting construction
– Easy to install and maintain
– Suitable for all types of riders

Key Usage Points:
– Longboards, cruiser skateboards

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    Longboard Skateboard LED Lights – 60mm, Cruiser Board Accessory for Night Rides