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Lightweight Iron Tips for Enhanced Golfing Performance: 2-Piece Taper Wedge Set

– Fit most irons with .355 parallel tips
– Durable and lightweight
– Easy replacement tip
– Available in 120g, 130g, and 140g weights


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2pcs Lightweight Golf Iron Tips for Taper Wedge

Product Features:

* Easy Installation: Effortless installation on any standard taper wedge shaft.
* Durable Construction: Crafted from high-strength iron for exceptional durability on the course.
* Reduced Clubhead Weight: Significantly reduces clubhead weight, enhancing swing speed and distance control.
* Precision Fit: Designed with precision tolerances to ensure a snug and secure fit on taper wedge shafts.
* Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of taper wedge models for added convenience.
* Color Options: Available in sleek black or silver to match your preferred aesthetic.


* Enhanced distance and control on your wedge shots
* Reduced clubhead weight optimizes swing speed
* Durable construction withstands the demands of rigorous play
* Easy installation saves time and hassle
* Compatible with various taper wedge models provides flexibility
* Color options allow for personalization and style on the greens

Usage Points:

* Ideal for golfers seeking to improve accuracy and distance on wedge shots
* Suitable for a wide range of handicap levels, from beginners to experienced players
* Perfect for golfers who desire a lightweight and responsive golf club
* Can be paired with different shafts and wedges to customize club performance

Detailed Specifications:

* Material: Iron
* Weight: 30g (per tip)
* Length: 30mm
* Diameter: 8mm (inner)
* Color: Black or Silver

Additional Features:

* Weight-saving design without compromising durability
* Precision machining ensures optimal fit and performance
* Compatible with most taper wedge models on the market
* Smooth surface finish promotes a consistent and reliable feel

User Concerns and Desires Addressed:

* Effortless Installation: Our lightweight golf iron tips eliminate the need for complex fitting procedures, making installation a breeze.
* Durability: Constructed from high-strength iron, these tips are designed to withstand the rigors of golf play without sacrificing performance.
* Distance and Control: By reducing clubhead weight, these tips help you generate increased swing speed, enabling you to hit the ball farther with more accuracy.
* Adaptability: The versatile compatibility with different taper wedge models ensures you can optimize your wedge play regardless of your equipment setup.

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    Lightweight Iron Tips for Enhanced Golfing Performance: 2-Piece Taper Wedge Set