Stitch Markers Locking type 100 Nos Mixed Color Plastic for Hand Knitting Wool Sewing Crochet Clip Knitting Crochet Markers

  1. Great for marking the beginning and ending of pattern stitches, as well as where to increase or decrease the number of stitches.
  2. Bright color and superior quality. Very convenient to use.
  3. Designed to hook into the knitted or crocheted stitch so it will not slip out
  4. Stitch knitting clips are durable and light weight plastic, the crochet stitch marker ensures long-lasting and multi-time use, simply open and close the buckle to mark.
  5. Each stitch needle clip is sturdy and flexible enough to mark the stitches securely and will not slip out or snag your knitting.
  6. Considerate stitch knitting clips design as you can witness, locking stitch markers each case of locking stitch marker comes with 10 compartment storage area and a resealable fitted lid.
  7. Fine workmanship prompts practical and flexible stitch needle clip got no pointy edges, securing your knitting and delivering you with better user experience.

Suggested Price: 150.00

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Stitch Markers Locking type 100 Nos Mixed Color Plastic for Hand Knitting Wool Sewing Crochet Clip Knitting Crochet Markers

Suggested Price: 150.00

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1. Product name : Locking stitch marker
2. Material : Plastic
3. Weight : 32gms
4. Size : 22mm x 10 mm
5. Application : For Knitting, Tapestry
6. Color : Assorted
7. Features : Hooks into knitting or crochet stitches
8. Quantity : 100 Nos
9. Brand : Generic


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