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Precision Crafted Bow String Separator Tool: Effortless Arrow Alignment & Improved Accuracy

– Bow String Separator Tool, effortless string alignment – for compound and recurve bows, offers precision tuning.
– Features a robust CNC-machined aluminum body, for long-lasting use.
– Includes 13 interchangeable locating pins, for compatibility with various bow models, ensures a snug fit.
– Adjusts via a thumbwheel, for simple and secure locking, facilitates easy operation.
– Compact and lightweight, enables convenient storage and portability, ideal for archers and bow enthusiasts.


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Bow String Separator Tool

Product Description:

The Bow String Separator Tool is a lightweight, compact tool designed to eliminate the need for string silencers and reduce the friction generated between the strings. It is an innovative and effective solution for achieving a quieter and smoother shooting experience.

Product Features:

  • Precision-Engineered Construction: The Bow String Separator Tool is engineered with top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and store.
  • Effective String Separation: By efficiently separating the strings, the tool reduces the friction and vibration that typically occur in compound bows. This results in a noticeable reduction in noise and dampening of string oscillations, enhancing the overall shooting experience.
  • Improved Accuracy: By reducing friction and vibration, the Bow String Separator Tool contributes to greater accuracy and precision. It ensures that the strings travel evenly and consistently, leading to more consistent arrow flight and tighter groups downrange.
  • Enhanced Bow Performance: The friction reduction created by the tool results in reduced wear and tear on the strings. This extends the lifespan of the bowstrings and improves the overall performance of the bow.
  • Easy Installation and Adjustment: The Bow String Separator Tool is engineered for user-friendly installation and adjustment. It can be quickly and easily attached to the bow without any special tools or modifications.


  • Quieter Shooting: The tool’s string separation feature effectively reduces noise, allowing for a stealthier and more discreet shooting experience.
  • Smoother Bow Operation: By reducing friction between the strings, the tool ensures a smoother and more effortless bow operation, enhancing shooting comfort and accuracy.
  • Increased Bow Accuracy: The reduced vibration and consistent string travel contribute to greater shot precision and improved groups downrange.
  • Extended Bow String Life: The friction reduction helps to extend the life of the bowstrings, resulting in cost savings and improved bow performance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The Bow String Separator Tool is compatible with most compound bows, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any archer’s gear.

    Additional Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-strength materials, the tool is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and regular handling.
  • Compact Design: The lightweight and compact design ensures portability and easy storage, making it convenient for travel.
  • Multiple Color Options: The tool is available in a range of colors to match your bow and personal style preferences.


  • Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Dimensions: 2.5 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm

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    Precision Crafted Bow String Separator Tool: Effortless Arrow Alignment & Improved Accuracy